Single Home Directory on Dual-Boot Linux

Usually, if you dual-boot 32-bit and 64-bit Linux, you’ll use different /home directory. But actually, you can use one for both.

Managing separate multiple /home directory on dual-boot (or more) Linux is quite a time consuming things. For example, if you upgrading an application, and need to configure it, you repeat the process on the other Linux. I use dual monitor, and i use different Firefox version on each monitor. That means i need to generate new profile if there’s new version of Firefox comes out. I preserve previous profile of Firefox for web development purpose.

To do single /home directory actually is very very simple. I use Slackware. Here’s how.

  1. Have single partition for /home.
  2. Mount that partition on /etc/fstab or via init script (whichever you like).

That’s it. Really. So for example i install new firefox and new firefox profile on Slackware 32-bit, on Slackware 64-bit, i only need to install the firefox. I don’t need to create new profile again. Since i already did it.

You can do the same with /etc. I did, but eventually i don’t. There’s too many things to change. It’s a PITA to keep up.

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