Running Android Studio on Slackware 64-bit

Android Studio basically can only run on 32-bit Linux. But actually, you can run it without any problem on 64-bit Linux. Here’s how.

I used to dual-boot Slackware just for the sake of developing Android application. Since Android Studio can only run on 32-bit platform. Perhaps this will change when 64-bit Android is ubiquitous.

The benefit of running Android Studio on 64-bit Linux (beside you don’t need to do dual-boot), is that you can allocate more memory allocation pool for a Java Virtual Machine. By specifying more -Xmx value on ~/.AndroidStudio1.4/studio.vmoption. My experience, is that sometimes Android Studio will complain to add more -Xmx value while only about maximum value of 2g can be assign. Before Java complaining. On 64-bit, i can specify way more Xmx value. Aaahhh… the limitation of 32-bit.

Ok. Here’s how you can run 32-bit Android Studio on 64-bit Slackware. For this tutorial, i use Android Studio 1.4 and Slackware64 14.1.

  1. Go to and start downloading all those glibc-* and gcc-* packages.
  2. Go to and download aaa_elflibs-compat32-14.1-x86_64-3compat32.txz. You’ll need this for adb.
  3. upgradepkg glibc-* and gcc-*.
  4. installpkg aaa_elflibs-compat32-14.1-x86_64-3compat32.txz.
  5. If you use custom kernel, enable IA32 Emulation (CONFIG_IA32_EMULATION), IA32 a.out support (CONFIG_IA32_AOUT), x32 ABI for 64-bit mode (CONFIG_X86_X32). I do think only CONFIG_IA32_EMULATION that’s needed. But enable all three if adb not working. All these options can be found on “Executable file formats / Emulations”.
  6. Re-compile kernel (optional), reboot.
  7. Run Android Studio.

Viola ! Now you can develop Android application on 64-bit Slackware Linux.

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